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Melissa - Before and After
Amber Murphy

Success Stories

Live Fitness

"I began working out at Paul Hildreth Fitness in Nov 2015. I've lost over 75lbs. I've gone from a size 72 sport coat to a 56. I use to wear a 7XL in shirts, now in a 2XL."

-Jim Edwards

Live Fitness

"I'm putting myself out there in hopes to motivate others and encourage myself to keep going!! This summer I began a journey to a healthier me in hopes of not repeating last summer. I lacked energy, motivation, ate terribly, and blamed a lot of it on stress. I also had an embarrassing experience where I couldn't fit onto a ride at Six Flags and determined then that that would never happen again!!!! I'm so proud of myself and all my hard work this summer. I've lost 15 lbs and 8 inches all by eating a healthier diet and spending way more time in the gym than I ever have!!! I also had the best personal trainer who taught me so much about nutrition, was so positive and encouraging, and sometimes I had a love/hate relationship with. This isn't the end of my journey, it's only the beginning, because I love how I feel!!! If I can do this, ANYBODY can!!!! Wanna join me?!?! Thank you, Paul Hildreth, I couldn't have done it without you and it's not over yet!!!!"

-Jenny Gentry

Live Fitness

Yes, highly. The workouts are strategically set up with you in mind. Motivation by the trainers is phenomenal to get you where you want to be. Basic and simple easy to do meal prep planning and a whole lot of inspiration and FUN while working out. So Live Fitness is way more than a workout, it's a live style of living a better life.

-Ashley Nicole

I saw more results in the 2/3 weeks of working with Coach Paul and the live fitness staff than I did in the 7 years I’ve been going to the gym by myself. I’m training to leave for Air Force basic military training and I feel like I was given the tools I needed. I see muscle and definition in places I never have before. I’m able to do 20+ push-ups now when I’ve never been able to do a single one in my entire life. My 1.5 mile run improved by an entire 5 min! This is an amazing place to go for your fitness journey, because you have a simple and effective workout and meal plan. No guessing or wondering what to do in the gym. I have been SETUP FOR SUCCESS.

-Gabriella Mass Davis

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